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         DREW HARWICK,

Legal Practice limited to the following locales:
Chicago, McHenry County , Rockford, DeKalb County, and Joliet
DuPage County, Kane County, Lake County, and Cook County, all in the State of Illinois

This practice concentrates on
Illinois Traffic Statutes
and Ordinances

Call 847-215-0396
or cell: 224-628-8108


Focused on the Rights of Persons Arrested under
Illinois Traffic Statutes and Ordinances


If you are being stopped by a police officer for traffic matter, do the following:

Always say you did nothing wrong if it is true. Other than that, never admit that you did anything wrong. Silence is an acceptable response, such as “I do not wish to give a statement”.

Get phone numbers of all witnesses who will testify in your favor.

There are legal advantages to hiring an attorney for traffic matters, such as convenience, being found not guilty, feeling secure that there is less of a chance that you will lose your driver’s license. Also, an attorney can negotiate with the state’s attorney, called a “plea bargain” which may help your case. Also, an attorney can check to see if the officer or hostile witness will attend the hearing, and use lack of witnesses as a legal maneuver to have the case dropped.

Call us and the issues of an adverse, dishonest witness, plea bargaining techniques, bench or jury  trial, a fair trial, and credibility of witnesses will all be handled in a detailed fashion and appropriately.

The option of interviewing witnesses, interviewing the police officer, and taking photos of the site of the arrest, will also be analyzed from a legal standpoint.

---Illinois attorney with 20 years of experience will keep you out of jail and protect your rights!!!

---  charges low flat rate (Fees often as low as $100.00 for some tickets

--- offices throughout chicagoland and suburbs ( and willing to meet at a location which is convenient to you_

--- free initial consultation

--- also handles criminal misdemeanors, drivers license issues, divorce, domestic battery, contract defense, and auto accident defense.

--- call 847-215-0396 or cell: 224-628-8108

Drew practices in the Chicagoland area of the areas of divorce, criminal law, traffic, auto accident defense and contract defense. My office has handled many criminal and civil cases in different counties in the Chicagoland area. Even as far away as Dekalb, Joliet and Rockford.

My office’s philosophy on criminal law and traffic law is that diplomacy and being personable are essential to successful outcomes. My office has the type of lawyers that treat people without arrogance, dismissiveness, or in an argumentative way. In a tight spot, it is important to be with someone who communicates exactly what is going on to the client. Also, it is essential that the attorney have a plan of attack based on the facts of a particular case, as well as the law.

Each case is different. Having engaged in various jury trials has provided essential experience so that the client will have a seasoned veteran on his or her side. My office will do whatever it takes (within the rule of law) to put the client in the best light. The communicative interplay as well as the legal analysis will produce a situation where there will be no surprises in the courtroom (Except maybe a surprise witness in your favor at a jury trial). The client will always be informed, and always will make the final decision. 

To My Clients, Past, Present and Future:

My office has devoted itself to the competent practice of law. If you choose my office, we will do the detail legal work with precision and style, as well as provide the people skills, necessary to make sure you are represented properly and well.

In addition, my office returns phone calls quickly, and is always available. My office is not happy unless the client is completely satisfied with his or her legal experience. If you choose my office, we will use every ethical, moral and legal means or maneuvers to keep you out of jail and protect your rights!!!.


This is an advertisement, and though legal advice is given, these are simply common sense ideas which should be taken with a grain of salt until you have retained counsel. All serious decisions on your divorce or criminal matter should be determined once you have retained counsel.

I was charged with boating while intoxicated in Chicagoland. Attorney Drew Harwick represented me. After a trial, I was found not guilty. Attorney Drew Harwick did a good job. He helped me out a ton!!! George.

Attorney Harwick-- you are very slick. I guess that is because of your experience. Thank You. Paul

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