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         DREW HARWICK,

Legal Practice limited to the following locales:
Chicago, McHenry County , Rockford, DeKalb County, and Joliet
DuPage County, Kane County, Lake County, and Cook County, all in the State of Illinois

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Attorney Drew Harwick can be reached at 847-215-0396, or his cell at 224-628-8108 for an immediate consultation, or a quick callback. It is important to have an attorney with jury trial experience. It is important to have an advocate who puts you in your best light. It is important to have an attorney who is not argumentative, dismissive or arrogant. It is important to have an attorney with good people skills, who is personable. 

Each case is different. Comparing the facts to the law produces the best results. My office will do everything ethical, moral and legal to protect your rights. 

As far as retail theft, the issues are possession of the item stolen, was it left in your cart accidently, did the cashier ask if there was anything left in your cart. Also, there is the issue of proving that the person for the store who testifies has authority to state that he or she has ownership of the product, and has authority to state the value of the product. Issues of personal knowledge are key here.  

As far as illegal drugs, the issues are actual possession of the drugs, are the drugs found near the car, did the officer see you drop the drugs, did not officer have grounds to stop, was there more than one person involved, if so, were you simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, has the state adequately proved that the item found was illegal drugs? Lets subpoena the lab results and cross-examine them on their own results. Lets get their lab results for the three cases before and after your case, and see if they always come up with the same conclusion. Was their contamination at the lab. Did the officer place the drugs in your possession. There are other issues, of course. 

As to prostitution, was there entrapment. Was it just consensual on a date, with no money transferred. Were you just pretending on a date? There are other issues of course, but this is a sensitive area in modern society, and the rest of the legal issues on this matter should be discussed in person in a consultation. 

----Attorney with 20 years experience will protect your rights!!! 

---rates often as low as $500.00 

--- often a free consultation, with three offices in the Chicago Metropolitan area, or will meet at a place convenient for you 

                                                               TO MY CLIENTS, PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE 

My office is not happy unless you are totally satisfied. We will return phone calls quickly. The attorneys in my office will do the detail work, as well as have the people skills, necessary to defend you in an excellent way. Call 847-215-0396 to talk to Drew Harwick directly, or call him at his cell at 224-628-8108. Thank you for your consideration!!


I was charged with boating while intoxicated in Chicagoland. Attorney Drew Harwick represented me. After a trial, I was found not guilty. Attorney Drew Harwick did a good job. He helped me out a ton!!! George.

Attorney Harwick-- you are very slick. I guess that is because of your experience. Thank You. Paul

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